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        1. Tek2go - Personal Electronics and Lifestyle Products Watches and Clocks     Duracell - Brand Name Batteries

          June 19th, 2009
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              1. Product Line
                3 Eye Fish - Products That Sell Specialty Products
                3 Eye Fish - Products That Sell Memory
                3 Eye Fish - Products That Sell Personal Audio
                3 Eye Fish - Products That Sell iStyle
                3 Eye Fish - Products That Sell iaPeel
                3 Eye Fish - Products That Sell bowldog
                3 Eye Fish - Products That Sell Bluetooth
                3 Eye Fish - Products That Sell Road Mice
                3 Eye Fish - Products That Sell Listening
                3 Eye Fish - Products That Sell Cameras and Displays
                3 Eye Fish - Products That Sell Lifestyle
                3 Eye Fish - Products That Sell
                3 Eye Fish - Products That Sell Duracell



                3 Eye Fish Premium and Incentives Division
                The premium and incentive division is primarily a Solution provider to its clients. We are fully integrated promotional marketing services company with over 20 years experience in developing, executing and managing marketing, promotional and specialized retailing programs across canada.

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                iPod Touch 2G,3G (printable skin) Starter Kit

                Inkjet Printable Skin Kit

                • High-quality durable vinyl adds protection
                • Easy to print at home
                • Easy-align tabs for a perfect fit
                • Easy to change, no adhesive residue
                • Easy to use design software

                The iPod Touch gets the personal touch! Add a custom cover to your iPod Touch with the personalized, protective iaPeel skin. Now you can show off your player with a wicked design that’s fresh from your imagination, or let the world know your favorite band, sports team, best friend or pet. Fly your school colors, or whatever looks good on you. It’s simple to do, and iaPeel skins make sure your iPod Touch is easily identifiable and kept safe from scratches.

                It really is the ultimate iPod, so give it the ultimate style – a custom skin from iaPeel. 

                Your Starter Kit includes 5 Skins and Design Software
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                Contact Us

                Contact Us
                3 Eye Fish
                1-1111 Flint Road
                Toronto, Ontario
                M3J 3C7
                (416) 742 - 0891

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